Quality Assurance for DB2 SQL

January 30th 2015

2pm EST

DB2 SQL Today

  • SQL Complexity
  • Static vs. Dynamic SQL - The Basics
  • Drivers of Dynamic SQL Growth

BIND and Performance Issues

  • Understanding the Dynamic Statement Cache
  • SQL Access Paths - uncontrolled migration?
  • BIND Options

Solving Your DB2 SQL Woes

Approximately 50 minute webinar.
Questions are encouraged.

Solve Your DB2 SQL Woes

SQL is getting more complex and it’s becoming increasingly easy for errors to creep up even in the simplest code. With so many hands in the pot, how can it NOT go wrong? Craig will be touching on the state of DB2 SQL code today, including its challenges and performance issues. He will wrap up by putting forth some best practises and discussing an intriguing technology that provides comprehensive features to maximize DB2 SQL quality assurance.

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